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Explore Your Archive week: Working from Home

2020 has been a very strange year for everyone   and the  A rchives are no exception. The archives team have been working from home (the theme for today in the  Explore Your Archive   week) since the first lockdown in the middle of March, and although we have been keeping very busy it has been very strange having so little hands on time with our wonderful collections.    Our Senior Archivist's new office space Here is a flavour of what  we’ve  been up to this year in our new home offices:    Our Archives Revealed/Aberdeen Harbour Board funded cataloguer Mollie Horne has been overseeing an online transcription project, as well as adding thousands of descriptions for the Aberdeen Harbour Board collection to the catalogue. Read her blog  for more information or check out her YouTube video on the project on the Aberdeen Art Gallery Museum's channel.  D uring the early stages of the pandemic  some  staff  members  were redeployed to help  other areas of the Council  which offered u

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